What does your logo say about your business?

My favourite saying is ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’. So with that in mind, what does your logo say about your business?

Your company logo is something that should represent your business perfectly, as it is often the first introduction to your company that a person has. Simply throwing together the first idea that comes to you is not the way to go about producing your company logo if you want it to be taken seriously and have a positive effect on your clients.

There are many things to consider when designing a logo – colour, theme, wording (if applicable), size, and most importantly, the message – what it says about your company, your brand, you. Let’s look at colour first...

Logo colour – it has long been known that there is a psychology of colour; it helps to influence people into making judgements, decisions, and purchases. Consider what you want people to think or be reminded of when they see your logo – what do you want to be associated with? Red is good if you are a food or beverage company, it has been shown to increase appetite, and also appeal to impulse buyers as it raises the heart rate and plays on the emotive state; hence why many fast food restaurants have red logos. Blue is a cold colour – which makes it great for B2B businesses. It helps to enforce trust in a brand and many corporations use it as blue gives off a productive vibe.


The theme of your logo should also be considered carefully; if you really want to impress people, try to incorporate what you do into it. Take the Nike logo in the example... at first glance it looks like a simple tick, yet it also symbolises speed, like a runner taking off from the starting blocks. Nike is also the name of the Greek goddess for Victory, and the ‘tick’ logo was originally designed around a stone carving of Nike from the Turkish ruins of Ephesus, very fitting. This logo is simple and subtle, yet very clever at the same time.

We recommend having a professional graphic designer work on your logo, as if it isn’t done right, it could means bad news for your business. You should analyse the logo several times throughout the design process and remember to ask the most important question; ‘What does your logo say about your business?’

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