What is branding and why is it important

So, just what is branding all about? It\'s a concept that is spoken about a lot but being successful at it depends on understanding the reasons why it\'s so important. Your brand encompasses everything about your company, what you want your customers to think about it and what experience you want to offer. Branding is broad - from the way you speak to your customers and the language you use on social media, to the design of your logo and website.

These days, much of creating a successful brand is carried out online and through digital marketing. Here are just a few reasons branding is important and how honing-in on your digital marketing strategy can help to build your brand.

Branding helps PR

As people gravitate towards brands they are familiar with, creating a consistent voice online will help you to stay at the forefront of your customers\' minds and will help to build trust and identity.

It helps generate organic referrals

Again relating to trust, people are more likely to buy from brands that have been personally recommended to them by friends and family. A strong brand is likely to resonate with consumers, giving them a clear story to tell the people that trust them.

Stand out from competition

Today\'s market is pretty saturated in many industries, so having a brand that sets you apart from everyone else works dividends for your bottom line.

It provides direction for your staff

Good branding starts from within the company, so selling your brand to your staff is essential if you want them to sell it to your customers.

It represents your company\'s promise

Your brand helps to communicate the promise you make to your customers - whether it\'s the lowest price, unrivalled service or state of the art products, a strong brand makes it clear to customers what to expect from your company.

Creates emotional connection with customers

Using social media sites and digital marketing tools to communicate with customers on an individual level helps to build more than just awareness of your company - it builds a connection with it. Take the time to build tailored digital marketing campaigns and liaise with consumers through the right platforms to create conversations that bring your brand and its promise to life.

There you have it - this is branding and why it\'s so important. All of these reasons to build your brand have one thing in common - they lead to the success of your business and ultimately the achievement of your goals.

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