Wishing all our clients a very Happy Christmas!

As one of our clients commented to us the other day, \"How quickly Christmas has come around again!\" Ain\'t that the truth!

With only a handful of festive shopping days left and a few more sleeps until the big day is finally upon us, it\'s always nice to take stock and reflect on the year\'s activities. At Holly Small Design, we\'re extremely proud to work with so many incredible businesses, large and small, and since moving to Hemel Hempstead earlier in the year, have certainly been kept on our toes (maybe not quite as busy as Santa\'s elves right now!)

So, in the spirit of Christmas and all-things HO, HO, HO, plus the recent news that supermarkets will be making the most of selling \'wonky\' Christmas dinner vegetables in a bid to reduce food waste over the festive season, we thought we\'d share with you some funny images (courtesy of The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph) of what could be on your Christmas dinner plate this year!

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year from us all at Holly Small Design.

crazy carrots


less than perfect pepper


heart shaped potato


Christmas Cracker Joke Corner!

What is green and goes to summer camp? ...A brussel scout!

What do you call a retired vegetable? ...A has-bean!

Why do fungi have to pay double bus fares? ...because they take up too mushroom.

Why are you looking so glum? ….. I\'ve lost my root vegetable.

Don't worry, it will turnip.